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Harold KK6ZML 5.11.18


Harold lives in San Diego, Californa and runs a Yaesu 450D through a vertical antenna pushing out 100 watts.

Throughout all the years this website has been active. Harold never had to be asked, he was there to help make a difference. I am so very thankful for you Harold. 73! - Ken

Thank you Harold for Supporting the Website

I cannot express my gratitude enough to you for being there every year with your kind and consistent contribution. No one had to twist your arm. You helped keep our website alive for longer than any other ham on Ohana. Don't get me wrong, I am thankful to all the other hams and their contributions, but Harold, you were there the entire time.

... but, it is time to say Aloha.


Now, to anyone that reads this. Please take this in all good measure. It takes more to run a website than posting call signs and names. Hosting services, domain renewals, Google - they all require payments per month or per year to keep the doors open. Through it all, you were there. However, there just haven't been enough hams contributing these days to make it viable. You see, a price tag of about $270 per year is what it takes and I've made up for the difference every year, happily - but I just can't find a reason to do it anymore.

I am glad for being able to help with this humble website, and I feel honored as a fellow ham to do so - but I also feel that Ohana Net really has no need for one. Not with things like NetLogger and AIM, what is the point, am I right?

So, Harold, I will never forget your help over all these years - thank you and I will see you off and on, on the Net, when time permits.

Ken O'Neill



Thank You Everyone for contributing to!





Thanks for Visiting the Ohana Net

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