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Walter - WA7YPL - 11.18
Jerry - WX1FLY  11.29.18
Harold KK6ZML 5.11.18

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Harold KK6ZML
ALOHA from San Diego!
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I'm there for the OhanaWebSite

seaplane - kl7wg

ALOHA from Alaska!
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Walter - WA7YPL
ALOHA from Oren Utah!

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I'm there for the Ohana WebSite
Jerry - WX1FLY  11.29.18
ALOHA from West Hills, CA!

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I'm there for the Ohana WebSite
Harold Bill Walt - photo #1 Jerry
San Diego, CA Anchorage, AL Orem, UT West Hills, CA
FT-450D in progress IC-718 IC-7610
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Welcome to the Ohana Net Regular List of Stations
KD0ACR Dick Yankton, SD
K7AII David Sunnyside, WA
N7AND Kevin Salkum, WA
AH6AX Larry Sykesville, MD
W7BLY Billy Corvallis, OR
KI6BNL Thomas Watsonville, CA
KD0BRA Bob Bailey, CO
W6BQZ Ken Carlsbad, CA
KG7BYJ Ken Blaine, WA
KH6CB Sonny Waimanalo, HI
W6CCT Bob Hemet, CA
E51CG Vic Cook Island
NH7CJ Matt Anahola, HI
K5CKS Rory Fort Smith, AR
N3CMD Julian Mapleton, UT
WB7DBJ Gene Whidbey Island, WA
3D2DD Rocky Fiji
W1DGL Michael see QRZ
W6DOF Dick Medford, OR
VE7DXF Don Port Hardy, BC
KT6E John Felton, CA
K6EB Bill Citrus Heights, CA
K7EDA Jeff Jackson, WY
K7EE Kevin Culver City, CA
KG7ELE Javier Redmond, WA
N7ERW Tony Silverdale, WA
VE7ESE Don Fort St. John, BC
N0EV Tom Federal Heights, CO
W9EVT George Washington Island, WA
WA9FKB Tony Poway, CA
Sponsor 18-'19 palm trees ohana net radio WX1FLY Jerry West Hills, CA
N0FM Frank Denver, CO
KH6FT Alex Honolulu, HI
WA6FYU Don Fremont, CA
WG7G Mike Lynwood, WA
VE7GBO Todd Chemainus, BC
K7GDM Dave Great Falls, MT
W0GHS Chuck Mesa, AZ
Sponsor 2018palm trees ohana net radio KB7GL Vic Kirkland, WA
N0GNR Glenn Evergreen, CO
VA7GO Grant Victoria, BC
KE4GUQ Tim Thornton, CO
KD8GVO Phil Brownwood, TX
N6GY Rick Rohnert Park
K8GYA Cal Fort Collins, CO

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N7HCJ Woody Moses Lake, WA
K0HDH Harold Denver, CO
WH7HI Steve Pahrump, NV
W6HST Willie Animated Star Novato, CA
KD5IBU Leon Beaumont, TX
KL7IBY Clyde Anchorage, AL
KC7ICN Dan Morton, WA
KF6IIP Paul Fremont, CA
N8IFY Chris West Branch, MI
WA0IIH Shaun Fenton, MO
KG5ILJ Martin Mesquite, TX
AB6IS Rudy Stockton, CA
AF7J Tom Odgen, UT
KJ6JAJ Randy San Diego, CA
N7JAP Jack Whidbey Island, WA
VE7JBT John Penticon, BC, Can
E51JD Jim Cook Island
W0JHS James Aurora, CO
AI6JL Charles Fairfield, CA
K3JSF Mike Highlands Ranch, CO
KD6JZZ Jody Sonora, CA
W7KFI Susan Honolulu, HI
KL7KNP Rich Santa Cruz, CA
KK6LE Dick San Clemente, CA
WA6LIE Scott Salinas, CA
AG6LJ John Santa Barbara, CA
KH6LJ Ben Waialua, Oahu
AI6LY John Scotts Valley, CA
K0LMD Ron Wray, CO
KD7LRK David West Jordan, UT
WL7LV Gary Port Protection, AK
KE7LWW John Everett, WA
AI6LY John Scotts Vallery, CA
W6MEI Bob San Leandro, CA
K6MRM Mike Carlsbad, CA
K7MRQ Richard Galena, NV
KH7MU Dennis Honolulu, HI
K6MWS Mike Castro Valley, CA
W6MXL Mike Burbank, CA
W6MYE Vic Apple Valley, CA
K7MZ Richard Salt Lake City, UT
WA6NNI Paul Livermore, CA
KH7NP Mark Grape View, WA
KG6NRI Joe Prunedale, CA
KF7NRW Bruce Bothell, WA
KG7NTP Roger Wolf Creek, OR
AD7NZ Robby Portland, OR
KJ6OAX Girard Round Mountain, CA
KC7OFV John Boulder City, NV
ZL2OK Dave Takapau, New Zealand
W0OOU Steven Fort Collins, CO
WH6OR Wayne South Maui, HI
W7OXB Tom Covington, WA
WA7OZT David Silver Springs, NV
WA7PC Tom Raymond, WA
W1PEF Paul Amherst, NH
NE6PG Ben Las Osos, CA
KK6PGA Rich San Francisco, CA
W7PK Bruce Bothell,WA
KJ6PNF Randy Whittier, CA
K6POI Julian West Lake Village, CA
KD0PQX Mark Lafayette, CO
WH6PS Tony Hauula, HI
N6QS Dave Yucca Valley, CA
AH7RC Arch Makawao, HI
N7RCN Steve St. George, UT
N6REK Bob Ventura, CA
W7RFT Dick Animated Star Florence, OR
K5SLE Steve Eugene, OR
W5SMI Bill E. Vilonia, AR
ZL1TV Mike Lake Taupo, New Zealand
K6UDA Bob Penryn, CA
KH6UG Kaipo Tonasket, WA
KA1ULN Niece Andover, MA
KGVDK George Pahrump, NV
W7VOC Mike Astoria, OR
KJ6VVG John Los Angeles, CA
KM6VXX Chuck Pearblossom, CA
KB3WDE Stan Lansdale, PA
W4WEN John Everett, WA
KK6WJZ (guest) San Jose, CA
KG7WLX Vic West Richland, WA
K7WXK Mark Salem, OR
WZ6X David American Canyon, CA
KJ7XP Forrest Stites, ID
KD7YDK Jack Sutherlin, OR
KJ6YFY Tony Hayward, CA
WB6YNH Chuck Stockton, CA
Sponsor 2018-19palm trees ohana net radio WA7YPL Walt Orem, UT - |SHACK|
KJ6ZED Mike Chico, CA
KC6ZME John Surprise, AZ
Sponsor 2018-19palm trees ohana net radio KK6ZML Harold San Diego, CA
N0ZV Bill Loveland, CO


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A Page from the Ages!

-- Walk in fresh sunlight and share what you learn with others . . .

Ohana Text

Hope you enjoyed that! -- Ken, W6BQZ



About the Ohana Net

HaweiwaThe "Ohana" net is on 14.268 MHz at 1630 UTC weekday and Saturday mornings and they have an alternate frequency for weekends, let me see, here it is, it's 14.307 - same time slot, so that's easy, on Saturday or Sunday mornings. To be sure, it is always good to double check. So we have established that the Net starts at 1630 UTC. About thirty minutes or so before the Net you can find members getting a head start, milling about, saying hello, offering 73s, chortling QSLs, eating a pineapple catching up on what's new. (If you discover any hams wandering outside the perimeter, please direct them back as soon as possible).

While the Net is structured just enough to recognize everyone, it is not excessively so and that gives it a warm and relaxing glow. It's a fun net to get into and stretch you signal legs - check out propagation and discover how your station is doing - out to the islands or into the mainland if you live in those warm and amazing waters of the Pacific Ocean. What an amazing opportunity and it happens everyday, like clockwork, the volunteers at this Net are beyond compare, keeping everything going strong, day after day after month after year. We are lucky to have them. We are very lucky to have them.

Photo Credit: The beautiful Haleiwa Rainbow photo is a contribution from Larry Dighera, WB6BBB who says it was taken on November 15, 2009 at Haleiwa Beach on the North Shore of Oahu. Larry, you're a great guy. And folks should know that Larry also contributed some very interesting links regarding historic facts and photos of the Kahuku Marconi Wireless Station on the North Shore. We appreciate and thank you very much for letting us include it on our page. Aloha and High Five!

Now, where were we? I just turned 65 and I am constantly misplacing everything, glasses, keys, socks. Terrible. But wait, here is where we left off: You won't be required to do anything other tha n to be part of the Ohana Family and then when you get the call, you can grab that golden mike, twist the knobs on that new radio yousaved up for, fire it up and give us the scoop on what's happening at your corner of the world. No suit or tie or cufflink is necessary. Scuba gear, coconuts and woven hats are okay but might raise some eyebrows with the relatives if you hail from cooler climates. Go easy on the flip flops, they might confuse some of the boat anchors, but that's okay we welcome all things big and small, lightweight or refrigerator size. It's all okay in the land of Ohana. Palm trees will still sway. And remember, if you have RF problems, please contact Bob at palomar-engineers.com - for real no kidding, he will chase your raspy voice right out of your family room (or neighbor's) stereo just as quick as a jet ski in a Haleiwan sunset.

Ben, KH6LJ is in Oahu, Hawaii, North Shore, and is known as the manager, founder and chairman of the Net. And there are alternate net control operators who take the helm: Wayne, WH6OR in Maui; Tom, N0EV in Colorado; and Gene, WB7DBJ, on Whidbey Island, Washington; and, George, W9EVT, and others take the assignment when called upon. Each team member takes turns running the Net during the week and on weekends, and Ben can almost always be found every day and he takes the control seat on Saturdays.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: Ohana in Hawaii means "family" and all are welcome to join in, share signal strengths, weather reports, and what is new in your life - and most importantly, to enjoy the comradery. We have inscribed "Ohana means Family" blue and gold pens with bright light and stylus on sale at: ohananetradio.com/pens.html -- We also have a Chat Channel to take advantage of and communicate when Solar Flares force us resort to smoke signals or any means possible.


This page is a work in progress (no kidding, can you tell?), and I do this as a hobby. In no way do I represent the Ohana Net, but in every way I hope that if this page helps existing members or prospective members, that would be a very good thing. I started doing these kind of pages when I found that I could keep track of the Net from almost any device known to the technological world - my iPad was the biggest reason.

If you would like to host a quarterly column here to keep the members up to date with what's going on, please email W6BQZ@zebrahamradio.com.Ken O'Neill - W6BQZ - The white-haired "Web Guy"


Stunning & Beautiful Blue & Gold with the "Ohana means Family" Sentiment

Ohana Net Pens availble for $7 US

New Blue & Gold Pens - Stylus Tips, Bright Light, Sturdy Metal

Endorsed by W7RFT, K7SID, N2GG, KS2R, W8PNG, & more hams

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When you put the cap on it Completes the Circuit!

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........... Hula for Ohana Ohana hula girl........... ..
. . . . . . . . . . .If you have an island photo you have taken that will fit to the left or the right or even below of these wonderful dancers, please send them in!


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Chat Room Screen Capture

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2013 Ohana Net Roster from George, W9EVT
~ Thank You George for Your Assistance in helping build the list ~

roster Fall 2013



Here is a Treat! Our Newest Addition to the Ohana Net List is KK6PLG, John

And here is his band in a most excellent You Tube Video:

John, KK6PLG, is on Keyboards. Way to go, John!

Quick Links

EQSL - The Electronic QSL Card Center
Antenna Theory - Why Antennas Radiate
Eham Forums - Where great minds . . .
S-Meter - A boatload of ham radio Info
73 Magazine - Read online and flip pages
Free Ham Exam Videos - All 3 exams are covered
Kahuku Marconi Wireless Station
The installation is no longer operational but is still evident at the North end of Oahu on, and this is interesting, Marconi Point.
-- Kahuku Informational Website One
-- Kahuku Informatioinal Website Two
Magnum Mania - All things Thomas & Kamehameha!
DX Maps - A fine program indeed. Trace the lines
Topics - A new online ezine with the ham in mind
Coast Gallery - Art for the new generations, and walls!



Latest Honolulu, Hawaii, weather Latest Denver, Colorado, weather a Latest Whidbey Island, Washington, weather Latest Dallas, Texas, weather

palm trees ohana net radioMarconi in Oahu - Island History

Are you aware of Oahu's contribution to the history of early wireless development? The Kahuku Marconi Wireless Stationiis still evident at the north end of the Oahu. I have a lot of photographs of the site if you have any interest.

The full history of the Kahuku Marconi Wireless Station is here:

Marconi in Hawaiiand here --> flower

Contributed by Larry, WB6BBB



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